API 6 Mode-Independent Information And Events

There is NO possibility for the device to NOT be in a mode. The factory default mode is the basic Press me (0x01). That being said, there are many mode-independent settings that can help you fine-tune the desired behavior of the device. Ranging from periodical (time-triggered) events such as Heartbeats to events triggered by hardware sensors that you can receive in any mode, this page will illuminate everything you need to know about mode-independent events.


Along with uplink messages (events) triggered irregularly (such as sensor-triggered events), you can also receive periodical events that are triggered by time only. We call some of these events Heartbeats.

Appended payload

With a lot of uplink messages (events), you can receive various data from the device. We call this feature Appended payload. Thanks to this, you can receive battery voltage, temperature, data from the accelerometer and the magnetometer, one MAC address, three boolean values and humidity data. Appended payload can only be sent with events from 0x00 to 0x7F (incl. heartbeats).


The behavior of almost every mode-specific event sent as an uplink message by all API 6 user modes (with the exception of Stupid modes) can be further fine-tuned using a feature we call Alerts. Using alerts, you can customize how many messages and frames are sent, if events request downlink or disarm the device and how they are indicated by the LED and the beeper. You can also set up event repetition.

Sensor-triggered mode-independent events

You can set up several mode-independent events based on sensor detection to be sent to you regardless of mode. These events are often mode-specific for certain modes but can be configured to be sent in other modes as well. You can receive various button presses, logistic events from modes such as Trace me, temperature threshold alerts and light and darkness detection events.

Periodic temperature independent event

This is a sensor-triggered mode-independent event but deserves a special mention as it works as a standalone mode. Records temperature and sends the records in a adjustable way.

Analog monitoring independent events

These events are quite similar to how API 6 works with temperature (thresholds, delta and periodic aggregated event), but works with data from one or two analog inputs.

Please note that Analog monitoring independent events are only available in custom SimpleIndustry devices as they are not included in the standard API 6 build due to size.

Other mode-independent events

There are three categories of mode-independent events left:

  1. Device state change events (click the link to load the page where you can find them)

  2. Downlink-related events (click the link to load the page where you can find them)

  3. Miscellaneous events, you can find the list below (WiFi debug events missing on purpose):


Event name

Additional information


Event name

Additional information


Alert 1202

TX FIFO Full - some messages were lost, internal storage
overwhelmed by number of messages awaiting transmission


Battery low

Battery below a certain voltage (rarely encountered)


Extra long press

Button press 6+ seconds, default way to request downlink


Device reset

Followed by a mask byte, find more in the API 6 table


RCZ changed

Sent when RCZ successfully changes (Monarch)


MAC readout

Followed by a MAC pointer and the MAC address itself


Register readout

Followed by up to 5 register pointers and their current values